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Promoting social inclusion through improved access to social benefits and services

This component aims to strengthen the overall social security system. The planned activities are aimed at promoting social inclusion through increased access to cash benefits and services for vulnerable categories of citizens who are in the social and child protection system, but also for those who are not covered by the current system of benefits and services. The project supports the establishment and expansion of preventive measures and social services in the home and in the community (non-institutional).

This component projects distribution of grants for the development of social services at the local level. This should contribute to expanding the range of social services, including intervention aid, personal or family assistance, home care and personal assistance, day care, temporary care, foster care, subsistence and other innovative services according to the needs of the beneficiaries. When selecting projects, special focus is placed on those services targeting marginalized groups (example: Roma).

Increased field activities by the competent institutions (centers for social work and other institutions at the local level) should result in an increase in the number of applications for social services and increased support for people living in poverty and for vulnerable categories of citizens.

Here you can access the documents related to Component 1.

This component is implemented through four sub-components:

  • Developing a legislative and legal framework
  • Grant mechanism of pilot-projects for development of social services in the home and in the community
  • Development of an integrated information system for social protection
  • Capacity building for better creation, monitoring and evaluation of social policies

Map with activities in municipalities

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