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Background information

The Social Services Improvement Project in the Republic of North Macedonia (SSIP) is implemented on the basis of a targeted loan received by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia from the World Bank. The loan is to the amount of 28.7 million euros and the project should be implemented in the period from October 2018 to June 2024. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Expanding the access to social services and improving the quality of social services, including services of childcare and care facilities for vulnerable groups. SSIP will help address the challenges related to social exclusion of vulnerable groups in order to better protect children and better social services through measures for better preschool education and services tailored to the needs of citizens.

The project will contribute to the ultimate goals of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia for poverty alleviation and strengthening of human capital by strengthening the overall system for delivery of social protection and greater access to services, not only for the existing recipients of social assistance, but also for other vulnerable groups of citizens, i.e. for all who have need of them. This will also encourage job creation and employment in the social services sector. The project will also help alleviate poverty and strengthen human capital by investing in quality early education for preschool children and their families and by supporting the transition to primary education.

Here you can access the main project documents.

Key expected results

  • Increased access for poor and vulnerable groups to social services in the home and community
  • Improved access and efficiency of social assistance benefits and service delivery through the development of an integrated information system (IT system) for social protection
  • Better quality of early childhood care and upbringing
  • Improved access and interest in services related to early childhood care and upbringing

Project components


Promoting social inclusion through improved access to social benefits and services


Expanding the access to and improving of the quality of preschool services


Project management, monitoring and evaluation